How well do you breathe?

Now offering Breathwork coaching!  As a massage therapist it's amazing how most of us are not using the diaphragm, the main MUSCLE of respiration properly.  From athletes trying to up their game to the average person just trying to be healthy, relaxed and have good night sleep, most of us could use some help with how we breathe.


Beyond the obvious -- providing oxygen to your mind and body, most people don't think about their day to day breathing.  Dysfunctional breathing is a major player that is often overlooked when thinking about overall health and athletic performance

Train your body to become more tolerant to carbon dioxide, therefore improving oxygen delivery to your cells and improve your sports performance with Intermittent Hypoxic Hypercapnic Training (IHHT)

Why Being a "Mouth-Breather" Is Bad For You w/James Nestor | Joe Rogan

Did you know the way we breathe can:

Book in with me here and discover how I can help you using my certification as an Oxygen Advantage Advanced Instructor , certification with Breatheology Fundamentals, a 200hour yoga teacher certification and my registered massage therapy education.

Breathwork with Breatheffects - 60 minutes - $85. book here 

Please note at this time Breatheffects is not covered under massage therapy or included in 3rd party insurance billing.


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